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* Property Bridges are only regulated to lend to registered companies, not individuals


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Bridging Finance

Bridging finance is short term property backed finance. Bridging finance allows you to fund a project for a certain amount of time while allowing you to either refinance or sell your property. 

We provide bridging finance up to a maximum of 70% LTV. Residential, semi-commercial and commercial properties and land are all considered. Interest is paid on money drawn with flexible terms to suit the project.


  • Time to Drawdown – 4 weeks
  • LTC – 70%
  • Rates – From 7.5% per annum
  • Term – 3 – 24 months
  • Size – €1 – €10m
  • Funding Partner – Family Office

Lending Criteria

Icon to depict the need of a clean title and first charge security

Clean Title With the Ability to take First Charge Security

Icon to depict Lending to an SPV

Lending to an SPV

Criteria for bridging finance - must have a defined exit strategy

Defined Exit Strategy



Icon to depict the need of experience for property development finance

A counterparty that has experience in similar developments

The borrower seeking development finance must have full planning in place

Full planning in place

“Property Bridges have been providing bridging finance to us for nearly 2 years. At all times we found them to be very straight forward to deal with and easily contactable. Over the last few months, during the Covid-19 crisis, they have proven to be a very reliable lender, which was vital for us as we proceeded with construction of over 60 houses in our Tramore development”

Geraldine Kent

SE Construction

Looking for other options?

Development Finance - Click and find out more!
  • Time to Drawdown – 6 weeks 
  • LTC – 90%
  • Rates – From 6.5% per annum
  • Term – 6 – 36 months
  • Size – €1.5m – €10m
  • Funding Partner – Aros Kapital
Commercial Finance - Click and find out more!
  • Time to drawdown – 6 weeks
  • LTC – 80%
  • Rates – From 7.5%
  • Term – 6 – 24 months
  • Size – €500,000 – €1.5M
  • Funding partner – P2P Community
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