Earn up to 9% p.a.

Build Your Wealth With Secured Property Investments

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Your Return

Based off 8% p.a

Graphic explaining the 30% Borrower Equity / 70% Lender Debt

First Charge Security

We provide First Charge Security on all our loans and only lend up to 70% LTV. If the loan doesn’t perform as expected, the borrower’s equity provides a 30% buffer, protecting your investment. Therefore the lender debt is much more secure than the borrower equity.

How it Works

How the Investment Process Works @ Property Bridges
How it Works - Illustration to describe the Property Bridges Investment Process

Diversify and Invest in your area…

Invest in the development of your community, transform buildings you care about and see your money at work creating something tangible.

Old Investing World v New Graph Investing World
Old World
  • Save for a large deposit
  • Invest in one property long term
  • Pay high interest rates
  • Then pay legals and stamp
  • Find tenants, hope you find good ones
  • Worry about vacant periods and repairs
New World
  • Invest directly from €500
  • Sit back and earn passive income
  • Diversify by investing in many opportunities
  • The smarter way to invest

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Risks Associated with Investments.

Important Disclosure: Although all our loans are secured against property, your capital is at risk and returns are dependent on the Irish property market. Estimated returns and past performance are not reliable indicators of future returns. Property Bridges provides due diligence and work with the independent professional service firms to ensure your loans are thoroughly assessed and accurately represented. Please read Property Bridges Terms and Conditions for more detailed terms and conditions to which users of propertybridges.com are subject.