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Property Bridges was founded to provide an alternative source of Property Development Finance and Bridging Finance for developers across Ireland, as well as providing investment opportunities to lenders.

We work hard to promote high quality investment opportunities for our lenders that are thoroughly researched and backed by first charge security. We take a conservative approach to risk and offer our investors exceptional returns of up to 9% per annum. Investing with us will directly lead to the provision of housing and social homes across Ireland and help to alleviate the housing crisis we see today.

Unlike bonds, the stock market or investment funds, with Property Bridges YOU can invest directly into your local community and physically see a project taking shape. Investors have the ability to make a positive impact on their local community by investing in valuable projects and the construction of family homes.

Our recent milestone of reaching €10,000,000!

Earn Attractive Returns

Up To


We offer attractive Returns for Lenders, typically 8% per annum

First Charge Security

We provide First Charge Security on all our loans and only lend up to 70% LTV. If the loan doesn’t perform as expected, the borrower’s equity provides a 30% buffer, protecting your investment. Therefore the lender debt is much more secure than the borrower equity.

Our Development Finance Options

Residential Development Finance project in Sandycove Mews
Development Finance

Development finance loans from €500,000 to €10,000,000 nationwide. Interest is charged on drawdown and loans are flexible with interest rolled up into a bullet payment on completion.

Waterford Development Image
Bridging Finance

Bridging loans for site acquisition, property purchase, refinance, refurbishment and development exit with a minimum term of 3 Months, Max LTV of 70% and interest from 7% per annum.

Image of grand canal to showcase commercial finance
Commercial Finance

We provide commercial loans to businesses of all types. Loans can fund asset acquisition, business expansion or financial restructuring. Rates are flexible and decision making is first.

How much can I earn?

€1,000 €100,000
6 Months24 Months

Your Return

Based off 8% per annum


Diversify and Invest in your area…

Invest in the development of your community, transform buildings you care about and see your money at work creating something tangible.

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Using our intuitive dashboard you can keep track, check the performance of each investment and visualise the progress of your investments.

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Risks Associated with Investments.

Important Disclosure: Although all our loans are secured against property, your capital is at risk and returns are dependent on the Irish property market. Estimated returns and past performance are not reliable indicators of future returns. Property Bridges provides due diligence and work with the independent professional service firms to ensure your loans are thoroughly assessed and accurately represented. Please read Property Bridges Terms and Conditions for more detailed terms and conditions to which users of are subject.