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About Property Bridges

In 2018 the founders of Property Bridges recognised that the current housing crisis was only getting worse due to the chronic lack of funding in the construction sector. At the same time, interest rates and savings rates were falling to an all-time low across Europe, leaving savers in a tough position. They knew if they could connect these two groups via an online platform they could unlock the property market for investors and provide a vital source of finance for developers. So they developed an innovative investment platform to turn that concept into a reality.

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Influencer Dan Malone Assesses the Property Bridges Offering

As a startup, particularly one offering a financial investment, it can be difficult to get credibility in the early stages. Thankfully, 6 years in we have a very successful track record and we’re now regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Additional Financial Information Required Under Crowdfunding Service Provider Regulations

As we implement the new crowdfunding service provider (CSP) rules we will be asking existing lenders and prospective lenders for more information regarding their personal financial