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Developer Proposal Received

Borrowers approach us with a project that they may need help with, this could be:


Developer Proposal Reviewed

When a borrower applies for a loan, our experienced property team reviews the application. Each loan that comes to us is scrutinised through several layers of stringent assessment based on our strict lending criteria. 

Further due diligence including credit checks on the borrower and directors are also performed. Our team also validates all projected costings and valuations with external quantity surveyors. The typical timeline can be seen below.


Investment Offering Goes Live

Once a loan request passes our due diligence, we advertise the investment on the platform, we take the first legal charge over the property and then promote the offering to our community of lenders. Investors can find detailed information about each project in the invest section. We recommend that every investor(s) thoroughly examine the documents made available before any investment. 

It is the investor’s responsibility to evaluate offers for himself/herself or seek professional advice as to whether the investment fits within the individual’s risk profile.



At the end of the loan term, your initial investment and interest payments will be paid directly into your e-wallet account. You can then chose to withdraw your money or reinvest in a new offering.

Completed house

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Getting finance has been very difficult for property developers, until now.
Property Bridges provides a range of Property Finance products in Ireland.

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Sign up Process

Don’t forget to upload a visible and valid copy of identity proof and proof of address. Completing Accreditation in Less Than 2 Minutes – YouTube



Make a deposit into your Property Bridges account using the personal IBAN available in your e-wallet



When you have the balance in your Property Bridges account, you will be ready to invest in our active offerings.

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Illustration to Documenting a Graph for Property Investments
Risks Associated with Investments.

Important Disclosure: Although all our loans are secured against property, your capital is at risk and returns are dependent on the Irish property market. Estimated returns and past performance are not reliable indicators of future returns. Property Bridges provides due diligence and work with the independent professional service firms to ensure your loans are thoroughly assessed and accurately represented. Please read Property Bridges Terms and Conditions for more detailed terms and conditions to which users of are subject.

Important Disclosure: Property Bridges accepts investments in Peer to Peer projects from our stakeholders and staff on the same terms and conditions as all of our other lenders. Check out our policies at the bottom of this page. 

Regulated by Central Bank of Ireland

Bridge Peer Financial Limited trading as Property Bridges is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland to operate as a crowdfunding service provider.