About Property Bridges

With over 7,000 lenders, we are the leading provider of secured property investments in Ireland. We are authorised to operate as a crowdfunding service provider by the Central Bank of Ireland. 

David Jelly and Marc Rafferty with builders

About us

Launched in 2018, Property Bridges is a leading alternative lender to the Irish construction industry. As a crowdfunding service provider, the firm has effectively harnessed the power of technology to bridge the gap between the construction sector and an expansive network of investors. Specialising in development and bridging loans ranging from €500,000 to €10 million, Property Bridges targets experienced homebuilders predominantly in the residential real estate market. 
The core of Property Bridges’ proposition lies in its commitment to investor security, underlined by its practice of providing first charge security on all loans. This measure is complemented by a rigorous due diligence process that vets potential construction projects thoroughly. Such diligence has not only nurtured trust among stakeholders but has also positioned Property Bridges as an innovator within Ireland’s alternative lending industry.

Our Goal

Throughout history, real estate debt has created a huge amount of wealth to its participants but unless you were ultra wealthy it was almost impossible to access. Our goal is to make these investments easily accessible and in doing so create wealth for our investors. At the same time we want to provide, fast, efficient and fair funding to experienced property professionals. 

What Sets Us Apart

What sets Property Bridges apart in the competitive landscape is its diverse funding foundation, established through financial partnerships with notable entities, including Swedish Challenger Bank, Aros Kapital, and supported by family offices, high-net-worth individuals, and a burgeoning community of 7,000 retail investors. This multifaceted approach allows the platform unparalleled flexibility and speed of service.

Transparency and accessibility remain at the forefront of Property Bridges’ operation with adherence to the regulatory framework for crowdfunding service providers. This commitment ensures fair oversight of its financial activities, offering a transparent platform for a broad spectrum of investors.

Despite the innovative strides made by Property Bridges, the company emphasizes the importance of investor education and a discerning investment approach. Acknowledgment of the inherent risks associated with crowdfunding ventures, including the potential for partial or total loss of invested capital, is crucial. Property Bridges champions an open discourse on these risks, allowing investors to make informed decisions that align with their individual risk appetites.

Meet the Team

David Jelly

Founder & CEO

David graduated from UCD in 2005 and gained experience as a derivatives analyst in the IFSC before moving to London. In London, he spent time as an options trader and equity trader for US investment bank Jefferies international. In October 2018, David launched Property Bridges and completed a Masters in Real Estate in TUD in 2020. Find me on Linkedin

Grainne Dooley

Independent Non-Executive Director

Grainne has over 25 years experience in financial services and active investment management. She is an Independent Chair and Non-Executive Director for investment funds, sovereign wealth funds and fund management companies. 

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James Twomey

Head of Lending

James commenced his career with AIB Bank working in commercial lending roles. He moved to Anglo Irish Private Bank in 2000, where he acted as lending manager for high net worth clients looking to purchase investment properties in Ireland, UK and Europe. In 2004, James moved to Anglo Irish Assurance, where he managed a portfolio of property funds, valued at in excess of 2 billion. He is a Licentiate of the Institute of Bankers. Find me on LinkedIn

Conor Daly

Chief Risk Officer

Conor is a career banker with over 30 years experience in both Irish and International Financial Services Institutions. Throughout this time he has held a number of senior roles, including that of Director of Banking, Chief Credit Officer and HR Director. He has extensive property experience, both from a Banking and Investment perspective. 

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Peter Lyness

Financial Controller

Peter has over 25 years controlling the Finance function for Irish and International companies and has a CIMA Dip.MA. He has been a board member of numerous companies and has specific skills in establishing systems and controls, with the majority of the experience at senior level on the boards of construction and investment holding companies.

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Zilah Carvalho

Head of Operations & Accounts

Qualified as an International Member of Accountant (AIA), Part qualified (ACCA) with Degree in Law, Finance and Accounting, Zilah has over 10 years of experience in banks and online marketplaces, combining skills in Accounting, Finance, Planning, Controlling, Project Management, Marketing and Customer Service (KYC/AML)

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David Faughnan

Head of Business Development

David commenced his career in July 2013 with FBD insurance where he spent 4 years in a variety of sales and client facing roles. David worked directly with some of the largest developers and main contractors in Ireland. In 2020 David joined Home Building Finding Ireland (HBFI) as their Senior Business Development Manager.

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