Making a Deposit

Introducing Our New Payment Process – Lender Action Required
Property Bridges is introducing a new streamlined method of depositing funds into the system. Our old system of logging on and generating a unique ID for each transaction was proving cumbersome for some regular investors. 

Our payments provider Mangopay has developed a more streamlined payment process that they call ‘IBANISATION’. This method removes the need for a unique reference ID for each transaction and dramatically speeds up the deposit process. We are pleased to be one of the first peer to peer platforms in Europe to migrate to this new payment system. 

The new payment method will generate a unique IBAN for each user.
STEP 1 – Needs to be Done One Time Only
Generate your personal IBAN number 

To do this please;
– Log into your Account
– Click on ‘Dashboard’
– Then ‘My Wallet’
– And lastly, click on ‘Generate your Personal IBAN’
To see step by step visual instructions please view the VIDEO below. 

Please note this is your personal IBAN which will not change. The generated IBAN will start with an LU as funds will be held with Mangopay in a Luxembourg bank account and it will be in an alphanumeric format. 

Step 2
Making a Deposit 
When making a deposit you simply have to log into your online banking and transfer funds directly to your unique IBAN number. You will be able to view your personal IBAN at all times in your ‘my wallet’ section. For the payment reference, please insert your name. 

The new payment method will also mean that lenders will no longer be able to make deposits by bank card. 

For BOI Users
When making a transfer or adding Property Bridges / Mangopay as a Payee, please select SEPA transfer and not international transfer. SEPA stands for the Single Euro Payments Area.

For AIB Users
When making an international payment on your AIB account you will be asked to enter the last 8 digits of your IBAN into your card reader;

Typically, for an Irish transaction, you would select the last 8 digits underlined below.
IE29 AIBK 0000 0012 3456 78

However, your personal IBAN is in an alphanumeric format.
When asked for the last 8 digits please select the numbers underlined below. 
LU00 000X 123X 45X6 X78X

For Investors Based Outside Ireland
For users based outside Ireland, you may be asked for the name and address of the account holder and / or receiving bank account.

Please see these details below.

To learn more about the IBANISATION process please click HERE