Property Bridges is constantly analysing it’s data to understand our market and our investors. We recently shared data with our lenders showing the number of enquiries we received was down 29% so far this year indicating a slowdown in construction.

We have recently performed an analysis on our investors and can share that by far the most active investors are finance professionals which is hardly surprising.


The top occupations by investment amount in our investment offerings were are follows;

  1. €12M – Finance professionals
  2. €2.9M – Company directors
  3. €2.2M – Retirees
  4. €2.1M – Accountants
  5. €1.85M – C-Suite Executives
  6. €1.5M – Doctors
  7. €1.3M – Landlords / Property Investors
  8. €1.2M – Other Property Professionals – QS, engineers etc
  9. €955,000 – Other Healthcare Professionals including Pharmacists
    • €755,000 – IT Professionals

    The list of professions and their corresponding investment amounts provides an interesting snapshot of various industries and their financial priorities. While it is important to note that investment decisions are influenced by numerous factors, such as individual circumstances, risk appetite, and market conditions, we can still glean some insights from this data.

    1. €12M – Finance professionals: The substantial investment amount by finance professionals suggests a strong emphasis on wealth creation and capital management. Given their expertise in financial markets, it is not surprising that they allocate a significant portion of their resources to investments. This group likely seeks to diversify their portfolios and generate long-term returns through various asset classes.
    2. €2.9M – Company directors: Company directors, as key decision-makers, typically have higher incomes and access to corporate benefits. Their sizable investment amount indicates a desire to grow their wealth and possibly capitalize on business opportunities beyond their primary roles. It suggests they are actively seeking avenues for wealth preservation and potentially investing in sectors aligned with their industry expertise.
    3. €2.2M – Retirees: Retirees allocating a substantial portion of their savings to investments demonstrates their desire for continued financial security and potentially supplementing their retirement income. This group may be focused on income-generating investments or more conservative strategies that aim to preserve capital while providing consistent returns.
    4. €2.1M – Accountants: As professionals well-versed in financial matters, accountants’ investment choices may reflect their analytical approach and familiarity with risk management. Their investment amount indicates a commitment to building wealth over time, potentially leveraging their financial acumen to make informed investment decisions.
    5. €1.85M – C-Suite Executives: C-Suite executives, holding influential positions within organizations, often possess higher incomes and benefit from various executive compensation packages. Their investment amount suggests a focus on wealth preservation and growth, aiming to sustain their financial status and secure their future.
    6. €1.5M – Doctors: Doctors’ investment allocation, while not as high as some other professions on the list, still indicates a desire to make their wealth work for them. Given the demanding nature of their work, their investment choices might lean towards more passive strategies or investments that align with their personal values, such as healthcare-related ventures.
    7. €1.3M – Landlords / Property Investors: Landlords and property investors allocating a significant sum to investments aligns with their core business activities. Real estate is a popular asset class for generating passive income and long-term appreciation. This group likely aims to expand their property portfolios and maximize returns from rental income and property value appreciation.
    8. €1.2M – Other Property Professionals (QS, engineers, etc.): Similar to landlords and property investors, other property professionals show a significant investment amount, emphasizing their confidence in the real estate sector. Their expertise in construction, quantity surveying, or engineering may drive their investment choices towards development projects or real estate-related ventures.
    9. €955,000 – Other Healthcare Professionals including Pharmacists: This group of healthcare professionals, although not as highly invested as doctors, still demonstrates an interest in growing their wealth. They may choose to invest in healthcare or pharmaceutical companies, taking advantage of their industry knowledge to identify promising investment opportunities.
    10. €755,000 – IT Professionals: IT professionals, despite a comparatively lower investment amount, still exhibit an inclination towards investment. This group may be more tech-savvy and knowledgeable about emerging trends, potentially leading them to invest in technology companies, start-ups, or innovative ventures within their field.

    It is crucial to note that investment amounts alone do not provide a comprehensive picture of an individual’s financial situation or investment strategy. Moreover, the list does not include all professions, and variations among individuals within each profession are expected. Nonetheless, the information presented offers valuable insights into the types of investors we see at Property Bridges.

    Property Bridges operates in a small subsection of the overall real estate market. We primarily serve, small to medium sized homebuilders and property investors across the country.

    Our data would suggest the same, the amount of enquiries we received from SME developers between Jan-May dropped by 29% on the enquires we received over the same period in 2022.   

    Other Insights

    Most of our investment came from users in their 50’s and over 80% of investment came from male investors.