Site Visits and Existing Loan Progress

We have published updates on each of our existing loans following our recent site visits. We are delighted with the progress of each development and would like to thank you again for your support.


Progress on the Sandycove loan has continued in line with the construction program. We visited the Mews development site located at the back of 34 Sandycove Road on the 10th of May. The block work on the house is completed up to roof level. Internally the ground floor ceiling trusses are in place. There was a number of workers on site doing internal carpentry work. The internal carport area is now visible. The roof trusses were erected on the 10th of May. To see the full update click HERE


A site visit was carried out on the 9th May. As of that date, all block work and external plastering was complete. Windows and doors have been fitted in all 6 houses, with internal walls in the process of being finished. Completion is expected in c. 14 weeks. To see the full update click HERE


A site visit was conducted on the 9th May. Work continues across all units on the site, with up to 60 tradespeople on site during our visit. The first 4 units are due to be handed over to there new owners at the end of May. The Developers goal is to complete 4 houses per month until the development is finished. As of the 23rd of May, 13 of the 16 housing units have gone sale agreed. To see the short video from our site visit click HERE.

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