Invest in Property-Backed Loans Through Your Business Account

The main reason why some of our investors choose to invest through their Limited company is for the tax advantages it can provide. The tax rate on Income relating to investments generated can be lower depending on your personal tax situation. Company 25% (40%) v’s Personal 52%.

We would advise all investors to weigh up your options carefully and to take advice from your accountant or specialist tax advisor before deciding to purchase investments through your limited company.  

Investing through a company is easy at Property Bridges. The following is a step-by-step guide for setting up a business account on our platform.

1. Sign Up to Our Website

Go to LOGIN and choose the SIGN UP NOW option.

Fill in the requested information and choose the INVESTING options for using the account.

2. Get Accredited

Fill out your information and follow our 5-step accreditation process.

3. Upload Copy of Documents

The copy of documents to be uploaded must be valid, signed, dated and fully visible. See more details below.

  • Proof of Identity: Passport or driving license of a company director.
  • Articles of Association or Company Constitution: Current statute.
  • Signed Company Printout: Go to CRO to download a Signed Company printout of fewer than 3 months.
  • Shareholder Declaration (Download, complete, sign, date and upload the Shareholder declaration).

Once submitted the verification, the business account will be approved by our compliance partner. This should take no longer than 48 hours and you can start to invest.

4. Ready to Invest

To make your first investment, you will need to transfer funds to your Property Bridges e-wallet. Watch our video on YOUTUBE and see the deposit instructions.

When you have at least € 500 in your wallet, just click on the INVEST icon on the top right of your Dashboard and see the investments available.

We have attractive investments that last an average of 12 months with a return over 8% per annum.